Steve Dutton is an artist who works on both collaborative and individual projects. He has been working closely with Steve Swindells (Dutton and Swindells) since 1998, prior to which he was one half of the collaboration of Dutton and Peacock. He has also enjoyed working in the past with artists Alec Shepley and Steve Hawley and is currently testing some new work with the sound artist Neil Webb.

Steve is currently developing a new body work under the working title of “industry” which is including drawings, sound works, animations, objects and texts and Dutton and Swindells are also planning a major project for 2012/13.

Individual and collaborative projects have been exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, most recently The Stag and Hound at PSL in Leeds for which Dutton and Swindells were nominated for the prestigious Northern Art Prize. (Please see CV for a full list of recent projects).

Steve has published in the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (2009) and the Journal of Visual Arts Practice (2007) along with many contributions to various magazines and publications. He also has curated a number of exhibitions and is currently working on a project with Brian Curtin for a group show in Bangkok, more details to come soon. In 2005 Artwords press published Dutton and Swindells Misleading Epiphenomena in collaboration with architectural theorist Dr. Barbara Penner.

On the collaborative work Dutton and Swindells have written:

“The aim is to foster complex interpretations, often from deceptively simple means; consciously working through varied rhetorical devices and tropes, modes of production and strategic interventions.

Our practice is self-consciously contradictory. Contradictions are a means to an end; united by a sense of expectation and delay of resolution. In turn, this delay allows something to be understood differently, indeed, it allows the very concept of understanding to be understood differently. We are tactical artists, frequently doubling, collaging, reversing and inverting found images, objects and texts with no restrictions on media. By working through varied rhetorical devices and tropes, modes of production and strategic interventions we create works which are both critical yet, necessarily, playful. Our aim is to disarm; to render an image, form, space or text, momentarily impotent and open (or indeed, vulnerable). In turn, this impotency opens up a reflective space in the experience of the thing which is implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, critical of power relations and expectations invested in it.”

Steve Dutton is Professor in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Lincoln in the UK.

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